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Make Money

Zeal is marketed exclusively by Zurvita Independent Business Consultants. The Wellness industry is rapidly approaching a $1 Trillion dollar industry and there couldn't be a better time to get involved!

There are 4 ways to earn income with Zurvita

1.) Personal Sales
You can earn 20% commission on all your personal sales every month! Because of Zurvita's powerful Preferred Customer program, most people buy direct from your website, so you don't have to stock or deliver product! You can also purchase product from your Z-Center at a 20% discount!
2.) Builders Bonus
As a Zurvita Consultant, you can also earn a 20% Builders Bonus from the (product) Starter Paks purchased by new Consultants. Every time a Consultant that you personally sponsor purchases a Builders Pak, you earn $100. Every time a Consultant that you personally sponsor purchases a Quick Start Pak, you can earn $50 to $60. These bonuses are paid weekly.
3.) Team Bonus
Zurvita has introduced a revolutionary new Team Bonus that gives you the ability to tap into the efforts of every Zurvita Consultant in your entire organization through unlimited depth. This is a powerful aspect of the compensation plan that is based on product purchases from new Consultants that join your organization. Learn More
4.) Overrides
For long term financial freedom, the most exciting part of the Zurvita opportunity is the ability to earn additional monthly residual income from the sale of Zeal for Life products! You will receive commissions every month from sales to your direct customers, as well as the sales to customers that come into your organization indirectly as a result of the efforts of Consultants in your organization. Learn More

Not to worry! Your personalized Z-Center is a full featured, online business Management Suite designed to help you build and manage your Zurvita business. You can monitor and manage your business from anywhere in the world and even customize the system to notify you of activity in your business. The Z-Center will keep track of your entire organization, bonuses, and commissions.

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Learn about the Incentives

Being a part of Zurvita means being able to succeed at every level. Below are some of our Consultant's favorite ways to be recognized and rewarded.